Hi, I'm Anthony.

A full stack web developer and I'm ready to take on the world.

Feel free to take a look at my projects below to see what I'm up to.


I'm a software developer. I'm here to take your ideas and build something amazing out of them.

I love to read up on new technologies and delve deeper into technologies and tools that I'm already familiar with. I'm thrilled to be able to that knowledge and apply it to creating amazing things for others to see.

If I'm not coding, I'm probably reading. While not originally one of my favorite things to do I've come to enjoy reading non-fiction as much and as often as I find myself able to fit it in to my schedule. For me, making sure I can accomplish my work/personal goals while ensuring I get some me-time, balancing that is a great accomplishment.


Look at all these projects. If any of these draw your interest, don't hesistate to contact me below!

For Your Home

Shopper Tropper

Shopper Tropper is a mock ecommerce website built for a home goods store. Built with a clean and user friendly interface, it uses Google OAuth for authentication and authorization for ease-of-access. Built with EJS.

Shopper Tropper homepage
Manage Your Tasks

Task Terminator

Task Terminator is task management application used to manage all of your day-to-day tasks to aide in overall organization. Users will be able to create, edit and terminate all tasks once completed. Built with Django.

Shopper Tropper homepage
Share Your Favorites

Master Cook

Master Cook is a recipe and blog sharing website. You'll find yourself able to share your favorite recipes conveniently and post great tips and tricks for the kitchen and beyond!

Shopper Tropper homepage


Since I began my journey into software development I developed a love for creating websites that can be easily navigated. To that extend I've learned about numerous tools and technolgoes that can help me accomplish these tasks. From basic HTML to advanced React and Node.js I will not stop learning, for if I have I have failed.

Reach out

Questions? Concerns? Anything else? Send me a message and I'll respond as soon as I can.